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Nimble Wood Workshop

Nimble Wood Workshop is an Oregon-based community-focused workshop that started when Captain Jack Burns began making pieces for his grandchildren. The Workshop has grown into a broader offering of fine custom furniture for the children in your life!

Child sitting at a picnic table coloring on a piece of paper.



Dollhouses and Bookcases

Nimble Wood has a range of handmade children's dollhouses and bookcases that can be tailored to your design vision.


Picnic Tables

Nimble Wood offers a variety of picnic tables designed and crafted for children ranging from preschool-aged to preteen.


Custom Projects

The Workshop is always happy to consider custom orders or new product ideas, so if you aren't sure if we offer something, please get in touch with us!

Featured Woodworking Designs

Please reach out if you have questions or have interest in a project!

We're around to answer your questions or discuss thoughts on a new wood-crafted design to try! Head to our contact page to get in touch.

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